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Hey Guys! Hi Girls! We promise that you'll never find a more fun parody of 'ME!' by Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie than this #without music parody! If you liked the video, give it your thumbs up and don’t forget to tell us which music video you’d like to see #withoutmusic next on our channel! We make our videos on request!! Stay awesome and have a wonderful day!Erik & Eline___► Subscribe to never miss another video:► FACEBOOK: there! We're Erik and Eline and on this channel we create Music Videos Without Music! Wait.. but... isn't that weird? YES! Is it fun? ABSOLUTELY! Has is it gone viral already? COUNTLESS TIMES! Both of us got so hooked on YouTube and making videos since 2015. Erik even became a YouTube Ambassador for The Netherlands. We like it so much that we both have other channels as well. Eline creates music videos WITH music on her channel Eline Vera, and Erik likes to travel the world while making cool 360 videos on Around The World.These channels together with this channel Without Music are all part of House of Halo. So if you want to get in touch with us for business inquiries feel free to send a message to:[email protected]://www.houseofhalo.comFollow Erik on:► INSTAGRAM:► TWITTER:► FACEBOOK:► AROUND THE WORLD:► WEBSITE: https://www.360atw.comFollow Eline Vera on:► INSTAGRAM:► TWITTER:► FACEBOOK:► ELINE VERA:► WEBSITE:

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