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Download Fear Inoculum Guitar Lesson Full Song  TOOL MP3

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Check Out My Online Guitar Academy! My All New Merch is Here! for new songs every week! out my theory and technique channel! GuitarLessons365 on Twitter! help support my lessons on Patreon. Tool Playlist! this Fear Inoculum guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this great song from the new Tool album note-for-note.The tuning is dropped "D" tuning. That is, starting from the 6th string, D A D G B E.Guitarist Adam Jones' guitar style is very unique, and he conjures up his usual bag of unorthodox yet extremely cool guitar riffs throughout this 10+ minutes track.The intro uses volume swells which are most likely being performed by Adam Jones with a volume pedal even though I can't confirm that because there is not a single live video to be found online of Tool performing this song at the time of this lesson release.As I mention in the video lesson, I prefer to play volume swells with the volume knob on my guitar because it gives me more control. Plus it allows me to say the word knob throughout the lesson a lot. :) ... Feel free to use whatever you feel comfortable with.I will go through each riff in the order that each appears in the song and give you the minute and second timestamp that each riff happens on the original recording to make it easier to follow.This is a long one, but well worth it if you can get some of these awesome riffs under your fingers. #fearinoculumguitarlesson #tool #guitarcovers Have fun!!! Carl

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